C. A. R. L.


A Life Changing Experience


“I went on the college tour in high school…1992 or so, and it was one of the best trips I’ve ever been on.  This was when 80-100 students filled up half the airplane.  I can still remember the looks of shock on some of the passengers’ faces when they saw all those black teenagers getting on the plane. Lol  Nevertheless, I have fond memories….I ended up going to Hampton.”  -Erica

“So many black people serious about getting an education! I loved it immediately. The energy, the
positive atmosphere, it was truly amazing. I made lifelong friendships, graduated Summa Cum Laude from Tuskegee, in Electrical Engineering… Georgia Tech for my Master’s in Electrical and Computer Engineering. I conduct fire protection and cyber security inspections at Nuclear Power Plants.” -Melana

“I am probably the only student that went on the tour multiple times….I started in middle school. So many African American students in one place who were all doing something positive and enjoying themselves at the same time. …a strong sense of unity and pride was evident…different Fraternities and Sororities…met my future wife….currently employed as a System/Component Engineer.” -Kenyon

“The tour experience solidified my interest in attending an HBCU. I grew up in East Palo Alto, CA…attended Morehouse College…obtained an MBA from Harvard University and currently work in Risk Management at the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation.” -Eric

I was really impressed by the large number of African American college men who were earnestly looking forward to succeeding.  The students seemed to be very confident in who they were and what they were there to accomplish.  The history there was incredible to see.  I work for Cisco Systems as a Program Manager in the Cloud & Virtualization Business Unit.”  -Tommy

“…a rising senior in high school when I first rode a plane, left the state and visited a university campus.  I remember my mind racing, full of questions of optimism and possibilities as we crossed state lines to visit a vast array of HBCU…. raised in the foster care system, I hadn’t experienced many life altering achievements that would propel me forward.  After this trip my perspective shifted.”  -Delrisha“…helped open my eyes to the beauty and brilliance of Historically Black Colleges and universities …leading an Underground Railroad of black youth back south and opening their eyes!”   -Emilio


“I had the opportunity to go on two trips as a Chaperone. It really opened up my eyes as I had never been to a Black college. I wish now that I had been able to attend a Black College.” -Sherry

“I was honored to be a chaperone on several tours.” -Brenda

“When I was a teacher in San Francisco I brought 10 students…as a result of that trip 7 out of the 10 students ended up attending HBCU’s.” – Chris