C. A. R. L.

Peter Manoukian 

The Civic/Legal Scholarship

Recipients for this scholarship will be selected by the San Jose Silicon Valley National Association for the Advancement of Colored People.

Requirements for consideration:

 A letter of recommendation from an adult (supervisor, teacher, Minister, Counselor, etc.)
 Submit a one-page description of self which includes dreams, personality, aspirations, family history, and school experience.
 Must be a participant in mentoring, cultural, religious, civic, or self-improvement program/activities.
 Must be in high school.
 Must have consistently exhibited positive behavior/character traits.
 Recipients must have demonstrated an interest in social justice, American’s justice system, correctional system, or political system.

Socrates Peter Manoukian is a Superior Court Judge in Santa Clara County. He is an advocate for equal justice. He is a community trailblazer who fights for social justice beyond the bench. He has worked for equal access and opportunities for youth and young adults, of color. He has provided unwavering compassion and consistent support of African American Youth. He is a champion of diversity within the legal profession.