C. A. R. L.

Ken Harbin Boys 2 College

The Social Justice Scholarship

Ken Harbin was a 17- year old male raised in Oakland, California. He was anticipating attending Tuskegee University in the Fall, but was murdered on the streets of Oakland during his senior year.

Recipients for this scholarship will be selected by the African American Male Achievement Program or Oriki Theater Rites of Passage Program.

Requirements for consideration:
 A letter of recommendation from an adult (supervisor, teacher, Minister, Counselor, etc.)
 Submit a one-page description of self which includes dreams, personality, aspirations, family history, and school experience.
 Must be a participant in mentoring, cultural, religious, or self-improvement program/environment.
 Must be in high school male student.
 Must have consistently exhibited positive behavior/character traits.
 Recipients must be or have been a participant of the Oriki’s Rites of Passage program. Recipient must demonstrate the principles of the program: love of self and others, respect for self and others, honor for all God has made, strength to soar above distractions, wisdom to know what is right, courage to stand up for what is right, patience to take his turn, and pride in who he is. Recipient demonstrates the tools and skills needed to face the harsh realities of our society.