C. A. R. L.


An organization that cares about our youth.

The Council for Academic Resources and Leadership (C.A.R.L.). is an organization which cultivates the vision to provide students from coast to coast the opportunity to attend Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU). We serve as a resource for student information, resources for applications, grants, scholarships, and mentors. We also foster opportunities to obtain a college degree, via academic tours to HBCU. We provide educational sessions to motivate and enrich students, allowing them to interact with university professors and students prior to enrollment in college. 

Our Mission is the Provision of robust programs and activities for students seeking to attend college. C.A.R.L. provides mentoring activities, college application assistance, scholarships, grant information, academic resources, and college tours. C.A.R.L.'s vision is to reveal the power of education by helping youth meet their highest potential and enhance their quality of life. 

College Tours: Tours to Historically Black Colleges and Universities are generally conducted twice a year, in the fall and spring. The students are educated on the value of these colleges and universities by extolling the accomplishments of previous graduates and experiencing the unique culture and history of the university, while interacting with professors. 

Thirty- Thirty Scholarship Program: This community based program is designed to serve young men in the greater San Francisco Bay Area between the ages of 12 and 18. The program consists of activities for four weeks, and provides scholarships for the participants. The goal is to re-inforce respect and honor for elders, allegiance to country, value of education, the impact of self-discipline and leadership skills. The activities will connect youth to positive role models, provide field trips relevant to the vision, and invite guest speakers to provide a forum on numerous subjects. 

Academic Resources Assistance Program: This program is to assist students who plan to attend college by providing information and assistance with college applications, scholarship opportunities, resume building, and selection of appropriate classes and degrees. 

Parent Engagement: Parents are the most important partners for their youth. We seek to aid parents with their parental challenges by providing appropriate support for the ultimate goal of raising successful students. Race, income and language are not barriers, if parents are engaged and supported. Regardless of race, income or language barriers, the benefits of parental and community involvement for students include: higher grade point averages, higher scores on standardized tests, improved school attendance, improved social skills and increases success at school.

Reginald Braddock, 

Sidney Hughes, Director of Finance

Brenda Ray, Chairperson

Robert Woodson, Secretary

Carl Ray,

Darryl Payton,